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Lists the general skills achievement of--to build the HKT optical fiber industry elite HKT2013-08-01

     Nov. 15, 2011, HKT successfully held the first Production Skills Competition. It was designed to select out the HKT elites and encourage all production staffs promoting their own professional skills. There were 80 competitors from five production lines participated in this competition. Guo Meimei, Cheng Qin, Wen Jie and other seven competitors beaten all the rest competitors from tryout to the fierce final and became the champion in respective position.

    This professional skills competition has effectively driven the interchange activities, such as staffs training, learn skills, master assisting and educating the new hands, technical exchange, to be widely done among production staffs; this competition has helped to aroused all staffs’ enthusiasm to learn technology, contest skills and strive for the best; this competition has built a favorable environment where labor, knowledge, wisdom are respected; this competition has motivated staffs to love their work, study professional knowledge. We sincerely believe that this competition must play an important role in promoting the development of qualified personnel.