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“Wolf” as the HKT Team, Completely Conquered Yangtai Mountain2013-08-01

The tacit cooperation between wolves is the decisive factor of their success. No matter what they do, they can always reply on their group power to accomplish it. Wolves’ cohesion, team spirit and training is a decisive factor in determining their survival.
     In order to strengthen HKT’s spiritual civilization, develop HKT’s cooperate culture, enrich HKT people’s spare life, and enhance HKT people’s cohesion, on the day of October 29,2011, an activity named “Conquer Yangtai Mountain” were successfully held.

“Conquer Yangtai Mountain” race begun under the starting whistle, like Outward Bound, HKT staffs were separated into 6 team, “Regretless Youth ”,”Dream Fly”,” Self-challenge”,  “Infinite passion”,” Hard Endeavor” and “Self-improvement” teams ran like wolves to the peak of Yangtai Mountain. Around 40 minutes later, staff Ji Lu reached the peak, and “Dream fly” all team members is the first team reached the peak after 30 minutes. Everyone reached the peak by mutual help around 1 hour later.
    Cohesion create strength, unity breeds hope, each of Yangtai Mountain steps has left behind our HKT people’s steady footprints which witness our HKT team unity strength.
    What a great team.

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